As A Rival

I've been shooting a heap of advertising work lately, now I just have to wait till the work launches. In the mean time I've just shot some new promo work for As A Rival. Top people to work with and big thanks to the best PR person in town, Lou Ridsdale from Lance Rock Publicity. 

Dallas Crane

Dallas Crane's new album, Scoundrels is finally out and it's killer! I've been shooting them write and record this for the past 2 years and after seeing how hard they've worked, it's great to read the rave reviews on it. It's also awesome, well for me anyway, to see my photo of them on the album sleeve. Top stuff, lads.

Deakin University Campaign - Experience a different perspective

Last month I shot the Deakin University - Experience a different perspective - Open Day campaign. It was 12 shots over two days. Huge thanks to Mikey and Gareth from The Royals. Mikey's art direction was beyond awesomeness. And a huge thanks to the rest of the awesome team involved. Producer - Cececlia Bedford, Hair & Make Up - Lisa Sherry, Styling - Anthony Jarvis, Assistants - Merlyn Reuter & Liam Cullinane. Talent - Ashlee, Rory, Phoebe & Tre.

Reclink Community Cup 2015

The Reclink Community Cup is on this Sunday at Elsternwick Park. All proceeds go to Reclink, a not for profit body that helps underprivileged and disadvantaged people by providing sport and arts programs. Here's a couple of snaps I took to promote the day. A couple are even on the Bakehouse Studios billboards on Punt Rd. Get on down there this Sunday for some rock n' roll, meat pies, footy and a couple of tins.

Lilli Diamond - Frankie Magazine

In January this year I flew to LA to photograph my close friend and ex-creative partner/copywriter, Julie Poulter and her hero, Lilli Diamond. Being asked to shoot this story for Julie has been the highlight of our 15 year friendship. And meeting Lilli was pretty awesome, too. From memory Lilli gently reached for Julie's hand as soon as I started shooting and for me, that's what really makes this picture. I've never cried on a shoot before but I did get a little misty about 5 shots in. Must have been the air conditioning in the place. You can read their beautiful story in this month's Frankie magazine. 

Veri Live magazine

Veri Live magazine have me as their featured photographer in the latest issue. The special art issue comes in unbound sheets, it's pretty kick arse. Thanks to Zo from Veri Live for featuring my work. She has independently published this mag for 4 years now, it's great example of following your passion, taking a risk and going for it. Maximum respect. 

Dairy Australia

A Dairy Australia campaign that I shot recently for Cummins and Partners is out and about. Big thanks to everyone involved. More can be seen under the Commercial menu.